Had a great week at hereford-plumbing.co.uk


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Me with my van

Its been a busy week at hereford-plumbing.co.uk which is great as things are on the up.

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Bathroom First Fit

Firstly I removed all the old sanitary goods including the cast iron bath (not an easy lift either), in addition I replaced most of the floor as it was rotten due to years of water left to sit. In addition I also moved the waste for the toilet and installed a new stack pipe outside.

I completed the longest ever dishwasher installation (about 2 and a half hours) as a result of the mains stopcock coming into the house smack in the middle of the space left for the appliance (Bad Planning).

Longest Dishwasher Installation Ever

Channeling out the concrete floor was a dream lol.

I have had also had several other jobs and quoted for a few more and unfortunately have to go to Ormskirk as my son is in hospital with a chest infection.

All good plans and all that!

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