Be Aware of National Emergency Plumbers. Use a local Tradesman in Hereford

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National Emergency Callout Plumbers

Be aware of national emergency call out companies who don’t even have their own plumbers.

Please spread the word around Hereford these companies are costing you money

I recently attended a plumbing job in Hereford where the customer had called on of these companies that you call to find emergency plumbers.

This is all fine as the company then does the ringing round to find a plumber or electrician to come fix your problem. they don’t have their own plumbers!

Usually within the hour a tradesman will arrive at your door to do the job and not ask for any money as he leaves.


The issue is that the company that you called then raises a bill that you must pay immediately at a vastly inflated price when you consider what a local tradesman would charge.

The local tradesman only receives a fraction of that payment. For example the company charged my customer £150 to do a job that I would normally charge £60 to do.

This not only leaves you out of pocket but it has several knock on effects such as:

  1. The tradesperson has to wait an unspecified amount of time to get paid.
  2. It takes money out of the local economy to another location.
  3. The outrageous price inflates the market forcing everyone to put there prices up.
  4. It gives local plumbers  a bad name as it appeared that he/she has issued a massive bill in relation to the work that has been carried out.

To move away from these companies it would benefit all in the local communities. The customer would receive a fair price and the tradesperson would receive timely payment benefiting the local economy.

Fair price for a fair job, as a tradesman I ask you to please support local plumbers in Hereford.


Lofty Haycock


3 Replies to “Be Aware of National Emergency Plumbers. Use a local Tradesman in Hereford”

  1. Surely this is some kind of joke i have contacted many so called emergency plumbers in hereford but no one answers at 11pm, what is someone supposed to do? Let their house flood untill you wake up??? I have several properties in the area,

    1. Turn the stop cock off and call a local plumber, it will save you money but if you can handle spending two to three times the price feel free to continue. They only call local tradesmen anyway so all you are funding is them finding you a plumber in your area. we have to sleep sometimes.

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