A Steady Week at Hereford-plumbing.co.uk

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Job Done For Hereford-plumbing.co.uk

A steady week plumbing repairing the smaller things in life.

With several emergency calls I had a quick reminder of the pitfalls of national emergency groups charging the earth.

One lady I went to help had called an emergency plumbing agency to locate and fix a leak, the plumber came took the shower plinth off.

The plumber stated he could not find anything wrong and left charging her £170 for the pleasure.

The lady turned the water back on to find the leak was still there, (SURPRISE)  she then called me I took the time to actually  have a look.

I located the leak (a perished felt washer on the toilet connector) I replaced it in about 10 minutes and only charged £60.

Please stop using these companies who vastly inflate the price of a job that needs doing because they can.

Lofty Haycock


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