Emergency Response Plumbers

I have been to a customer today to replace a toilet fill diaphragm, a simple job and a £5 diaphragm swapped new for old. before calling me the customer had been in touch with one of the big response company’s that don’t have tradesmen they just call round and find a local one.

My original post on this matter

Look out for Emergency Response Organisations.

They then charge the customer an inflated price and only pay the tradesperson their normal rate, they make money for ringing round for you and charge you double if not more that a local guy would.

Be carful who you call as it might cost you more than you expect, you should be paying around £40 labour per hour and might be asked for a call out fee (Not by me though).

Lofty Haycock



Cracking Day, Today.

Clean hereford-plumbing.co.uk van
Even had time to wash the van.

Had a good day today:

  1. Replaced a toilet fill washer and freed up a thermostatic radiator valve.
  2. Swapped a condensing lifting pump.
  3. Unblocked probably the most blocked sink that I have ever come across.
  4. Had time to wash my van.

Happy Lofty

Toilet Lights

c700x420 (1)

Lovely Idea But…

I have just spent over an hour unblocking a toilet due to one of these beauties falling in, they are a nice idea to help you find it in the dark but a nightmare if they end up round the bend.

It’s up to you I’m happy to come and do the work but you could have saved yourself the hassle and the money by simply not buying it in the first place.

Good look and happy sitting!

On Holiday

On Holiday from the end of play the 2 August until the 14 August, I will still take calls and bookings for non emergency jobs.

Hope you don’t require my services in this time period.



Well That Was A Great Week


Loads of little jobs this week from installing a water softener fitting radiators stopping leaks and lousing a wing mirror off the van it was quite productive. next week a bathroom to install so look out for the pics as I go along.


Looking Forward to a Beautiful Day

Looking Forward to a Beautiful Day in sunny Herefordshire, a bit of plumbing here and there with a big smile on my face.

Good morning Herefordshire.

Plumber in Hereford providing Emergency Plumbing
Hereford Cathedral from the Old Bridge

Spring Has Sprung

The end of another week is upon us and the weather is fine, outside taps are in full swing and if not I’m here to help.


Back to Work

Got out today

Been out and about today and caught up on some of the post freeze work. now back to normal fitting a shower room.


Been Out Today

Bad Idea

I tried to go and get some jobs done today but it was a bad idea, spent an hour and a half getting to the job and about the same coming back, proper nightmare so today I will remain closed.