Love the surprise

All ways love the surprises you get when starting a project

Not bad for the first 10 minuets.

All done


Back to Work

Got out today

Been out and about today and caught up on some of the post freeze work. now back to normal fitting a shower room.


Been Out Today

Bad Idea

I tried to go and get some jobs done today but it was a bad idea, spent an hour and a half getting to the job and about the same coming back, proper nightmare so today I will remain closed.



Frozen overflow

Been to two in two days

Get them sorted if they are dripping or you will have water coming through the ceiling at some point, act now or face a bigger bill with ceilings been replaced.

4 Jobs Today

Got 4 Jobs today one that I picked up in Wickes by helping a bloke out with a plumbing question. He realised that when he got home that he didn’t have the right bits and needed help but couldn’t remember my company. He asked his mate who was with him earlier in the day but all they could remember is my name.

So he Googled “Lofty the plumber in Hereford” and there I was all over the first page of Google. going today to fix his issue.

Lofty the Plumber.

So if you need me jus Google Lofty the plumber and you will find me.

Great weekend of rugby

Had a wonderful weekend in Dublin now back to the grind

Loving life

First job done

Set of taps replaced

On to the next

Second one down

Replacement of an outside tap on a small holding after it frozen.


Third job

Just chilling waiting for the pipes to freeze

Radiator on the wall.

All done

Home time.

Rugby weekend in Dublin

Dublin this weekend so no plumbing until Tuesday next week. I will still answer the phone and take bookings but if you have an emergency unfortunately you will have to try another plumber.


Last day this week

Going to install this sink unit at the Butchers arms then a tap to tighten before I pack for Dublin this weekend for the rugby. Have a great weekend all.


All done.