Be Aware of National Emergency Plumbers. Use a local Tradesman in Hereford

Emergency Plumbers Hereford Tradesman
National Emergency Callout Plumbers

Be aware of national emergency call out companies who don’t even have their own plumbers.

Please spread the word around Hereford these companies are costing you money

I recently attended a plumbing job in Hereford where the customer had called on of these companies that you call to find emergency plumbers.

This is all fine as the company then does the ringing round to find a plumber or electrician to come fix your problem. they don’t have their own plumbers!

Usually within the hour a tradesman will arrive at your door to do the job and not ask for any money as he leaves.


The issue is that the company that you called then raises a bill that you must pay immediately at a vastly inflated price when you consider what a local tradesman would charge.

The local tradesman only receives a fraction of that payment. For example the company charged my customer £150 to do a job that I would normally charge £60 to do.

This not only leaves you out of pocket but it has several knock on effects such as:

  1. The tradesperson has to wait an unspecified amount of time to get paid.
  2. It takes money out of the local economy to another location.
  3. The outrageous price inflates the market forcing everyone to put there prices up.
  4. It gives local plumbers  a bad name as it appeared that he/she has issued a massive bill in relation to the work that has been carried out.

To move away from these companies it would benefit all in the local communities. The customer would receive a fair price and the tradesperson would receive timely payment benefiting the local economy.

Fair price for a fair job, as a tradesman I ask you to please support local plumbers in Hereford.


Lofty Haycock


Doing a little plumbing work in Hereford County Hospital

Plumbing in the Hospital

Got an evening of plumbing work in Hereford County Hospital today servicing taps and changing expansion vessels.

That was interesting, managed to finish plumbing by 10:00 and still had time to have a pint with the wife and a couple of friends.

The prospect of repeat visits to the unit in the future as this is an ongoing issue that they will always need servicing.

Today I’m looking at moving a radiator at my first plumbing call, assessing a faulty water heater in Bromyard and fixing some leaky taps in Hereford.

Had a great week at Plumbing in Hereford
Me with my van

Its been a busy week at which is great as things are on the up.

Home Page

Bathroom First Fit

Firstly I removed all the old sanitary goods including the cast iron bath (not an easy lift either), in addition I replaced most of the floor as it was rotten due to years of water left to sit. In addition I also moved the waste for the toilet and installed a new stack pipe outside.

I completed the longest ever dishwasher installation (about 2 and a half hours) as a result of the mains stopcock coming into the house smack in the middle of the space left for the appliance (Bad Planning).

Longest Dishwasher Installation Ever

Channeling out the concrete floor was a dream lol.

I have had also had several other jobs and quoted for a few more and unfortunately have to go to Ormskirk as my son is in hospital with a chest infection.

All good plans and all that!

Back From Holiday

We we are back from our holiday and it’s straight back to plumbing this morning finishing off a job that I had to get an item replaced as it was damaged on arrival.


Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Cove

Not a bad day

Not a bad day today in Hereford if you don't count the weather, had a few jobs and booked a few in for my return from holiday the week after next.

Business is on the up, keep it coming Hereford I will be in a position to start doing bathrooms again in November so if you are planning a refresh or a complete new bathroom please give me a shout.

New Branding for

Van signs and Tee Shirts

So my new branding stuff arrived today and very nice it is too:-

I’m happy with this lot hope it helps bring a few more customers my way, if you need me you can contact on the number on the tee shirt or email me at alternatively use the contact form on my front page.

Ales & Bales was fun

The Plough at Little Dewchurch
Cracking Pub

Ales &Bales at the Plough in Little Dewchurch was fun, some really good bands and lots of really good beers (I sampled more than a few).

It smashed it down from late afternoon but it didn’t dampen the spirits of those of us that danced into the small hours. looking forward to the Barrels beer fest at the end of August, sadly that is then it for festival season but there will be plenty of bands to go see in Hereford.

Back to it tomorrow with a shower to swap over and a physio appointment with my lad.

Happy Sunday people.

The Weekend is Here

The weekend is here and has two jobs left:

  1. Fitting a shower 
  2. Several repairs and install a water softener on Saturday morning 

Once all that is done it’s off to Ales & Bales 2017 @ The Plough Inn, Little Dewchurch for a day of live music and some guest beers.

Cheers Derrick