Real Busy Week
Working hard on the beard

Busy Week

I have had a extremely varied week starting Monday I installed a kitchen sink repaired a toilet and found and fixed a leak in a dentist surgery.

Tuesday: did some first fix pipework repaired some broken tiles in a shower enclosure and repaired a kitchen sink waste.

Wednesday: Did a quote for some radiators, installed an electric shower and a extractor fan. then went and resealed another shower enclosure. after that I had to go and look at a shower that I condemned.

Today: I have repaired two sets of leaking taps fixed three toilets and unblocked another two.

Looking forward to a bit of a chill tomorrow and get some bits done around the house before we have guests for the weekend.

Can’t wait until next week.




Toilet Lights

c700x420 (1)

Lovely Idea But…

I have just spent over an hour unblocking a toilet due to one of these beauties falling in, they are a nice idea to help you find it in the dark but a nightmare if they end up round the bend.

It’s up to you I’m happy to come and do the work but you could have saved yourself the hassle and the money by simply not buying it in the first place.

Good look and happy sitting!

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