Happy New Year

Back to it today

After a lovely break spending time with family and friends it’s time to get back to work.

Just some light jobs this week fixing toilets and taps to ease myself back in to work. if anyone needs a local plumber than please get in touch wit me on 07794 525638 for all aspects of plumbing in the Hereford area.

Good competitive prices starting from £40 for the first hour plus parts.

Call Lofty for all your domestic plumbing needs.


Shower Pump

Installed a salamander shower pump today.


Nice little beast allows a direct feed shower on a unvented system to have that little bit more power. up to 1.5 Bar extra pressure to be precise.

Normally in an unvented system in a standard house you get about 0.2 to 0.4 Bar so the increase is very noticeable.

Job took 2 hours

That includes installing a spur and pipework and making good afterwards.